Communications remains a critical part of the education sector, from K-12, Private, and Higher Education, fulfilling their daily operations and safety requirements. Whether it be voice, data, or video communications, RMI can provide their expertise to utilize the proper technology for the solution that fits your needs today and into the future.

Our technical expertise in wireless communications for voice, data and video can provide you with the right solution and application that benefits your operations and safety today and into the future. RMI will work with your administration, teachers, and maintenance personnel to provide a quality and cost effective communication systems to make their jobs more efficient, safe, and secure.

Providing wireless communications through two-way radios RMI will utilize the latest technologies available today such as Digital Two Way Radio, WiFi, Smartphone Applications, Surveillance Video (CCTV) and Integration into PA Announcement Systems, to bring you the future of communications now!

A leader in wireless communications, RMI will provide you the expertise for the right solution to fit your needs. Contact us today to get started on a better way of business! Schedule a free consultation on the best communication solution to fit your business needs.

Radio Over IP allows two-way radios at multiple locations to talk to each other. Now personnel can talk from building to building using private or public Ethernet Network(s). This has greatly enhanced many school districts' capabilities of emergency communications from one school building to all school buildings across the campus. Maintenance personnel and administrators can be reached at the push of a button from any building at any time.

RMI has extensive experience in RoIP solutions. With RoIP (Radio over IP) technology a two-way radio user can talk from one point to any Network and/or Internet connected location in any part of your district. Use your existing Network connectivity and provide your school campus a means of district wide emergency communications!

Digital two-way radios are the new standard of communications. Digital two-way radios bring many of the features and applications from the cellular smartphone world into the two-way radio world. Utilizing many software applications that have become the norm of daily business activities, digital two-way radio have become the most effective and efficient way of communication.

Radio Maintenance Inc offers many options of digital two-way radios from portable handheld units to mobile radios along with hundreds of software applications to fit into your school district business operations, providing you with unprecedented communication efficiency!

Video Surveillance continues to advance in the digital camera capabilities. With higher megapixel (MP) rated cameras every year, view more with less using higher MP camera views. Latest technologies allow for video analytics to search people, cars, and items from clothing/vehicle color to actual facial recognition. The newest systems provide information to the user in an alert format for areas where the system settings alert the user of situations proactively versus viewing a “wall of video” and hoping to spot something by one or two viewers. This system allows your personnel to be proactive and more efficient at keeping safety the highest priority. Conversely, video searches are much more robust using video analytics for the search criteria to narrow down vehicle color or clothing color and, yes, facial recognition searches. Search across many cameras and the newest systems can provide the search results quickly with multiple camera views of the subject at hand.

RMI can provide a demo from basic video surveillance to facial recognition, you decide what level of usability your personnel need to perform their duties.

Much More Than Just Radio! Radio Maintenance Inc. (RMI) is your expert in voice recording solutions providing the education industry the security, convenience, and peace of mind that their voice communications are tracked and re-playable should the need arise.

RMI is bringing the future of voice recording to your PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone wherever you have data connectivity.

School Video:

A local school district had a request to put a camera at a door entrance to view traffic entering and exiting the facility.

Although this was a simple project, Radio Maintenance went above and beyond the customers’ expectations. Evidently, the project was not financially attractive to the larger video suppliers. Knowing Radio Maintenance’s radio expertise and dedication to any project large or small they called upon us for assistance.

A competitor was also assessing this project and came in well over the school district's budget. Radio Maintenance stayed true to budget, offering the school district not only everything they required but more.

We viewed the proposed location, made some suggestions, spoke to their IT department, and proposed a simple and relatively inexpensive solution to their problem. We installed a stationary, IP color camera that tied to their existing cameras in the main office. Being an IP protocol camera, the principal could view the site from his laptop computer during the times when the office staff was inundated with parents and children. We also added an alarm for after hour’s activities to limit the risk of unwanted visitors.

In a time of budget limitations, Radio Maintenance supplied a product and service well under their budget. Do you have a similar requirement?

Application Radio over Smartphones:

Recently we had a request from a school district to investigate the possibility of utilizing their school issued smartphones to access their two-way radio system.

The issue at hand was interfacing their phones to an analog repeater system. We had successfully linked the entire district together using control stations and gateways to back up their emergency evacuation system. We knew the request would be a challenge, but we were confident we could find an acceptable solution for our customer.

Through research, we found a potential software application. The software application required an IP connection. We had to explain(or expand?) the system design and ask for the proper credentials to enable their repeater to interface with the application through the IP address. Success! They can now access the radio system from anywhere in the world where they have a wireless cellular and/or WiFi connection. Now the administration as well as the facilities management team can access the radio system in the event of an emergency. Word of this has spread to not only neighboring schools but municipal entities such as airports who now have budgeted for the application.

ROIP and Announcement System

A very large school district with a significant number of elementary schools, several middle schools and a large senior high school reached out to RMI, to see how we could help them with a security/safety issue. RMI, using the schools existing intranet tied all the school’s buildings together with one transmission every school administrator would receive an emergency notification with the ability to communicate back. Another slightly smaller school district really liked our design concept (ROIP) but had a unique need. Their issue was in building announcements. The principal, not always in his/her office, had to replay radio transmissions to the office to make announcements. We provided a way to connect their two way radio to the in house PA system, provided the principal’s portable radio with a unique code thus allowing announcements and dismissals from anywhere on the building campus. A bonus was upon bus dismissals, the proctors could remain at the student loading/unloading areas and announce wat busses had arrived. This greatly enhanced safety, security, and embarking/disembarking efficiency.

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