Communications remains a critical part of the Public Safety provider’s daily operations and safety requirements. Whether it be voice, data, or video communications, RMI can provide their expertise to utilize the proper technology for the solution that fits your needs today and into the future.

Our technical expertise in wireless communications for voice, broadband, and video can provide you with the right solution that benefits your communication needs today and into the future. RMI will design the best in class communication systems that will provide crucial communications for your Public Safety personnel. RMI’s experience will provide a system with the safety and dependability your agencies expect and the immediate service the community expects. From a radio dispatch console at the 911 center to a County wide public safety communications system, RMI is there for your needs.

A leader in wireless communications, RMI can provide you the expertise for the right solution to fit your needs. Contact us today to get started on a better way of business! Schedule a free consultation on the best communication solution to fit your business needs.

Digital P25 two-way radios and systems are the new standard of communications. P25 public safety two-way radios bring many features to the public safety community that will meet the requirements of most federal grant programs.

Radio Maintenance Inc offers many options of P25 public safety two-way radios and systems from portable handheld units to mobile radios with multi-band capabilities up to full county wide P25 systems!

Video Surveillance is quickly becoming an integral part for public safety officials to respond quickly and safely to their call of duty. With the latest technological advances and high megapixel (MP) rated cameras every year, view more with less using higher MP camera views. Latest technologies allow for video analytics to search people, cars, and items from clothing/vehicle color to actual facial recognition. The newest systems provide information to the user in an alert format for areas where the system settings alert the user of situations proactively versus viewing a “wall of video” and hoping to spot something by one or two viewers.

Vehicle video surveillance provides extra safety and reviewable (playback features) events when needed, providing peace of mind for the individual and the department. Vehicle license plate surveillance provides automated registration searches for violations. Keeping communities safe and lawful.

The use of video surveillance on a city-wide and outdoor level makes communities, public streets, and parks safer, as well as securing outdoor facilities such as community parks, waste management and road crew supply facilities.

RMI can provide a demo from basic video surveillance to facial recognition, you decide what level of usability your personnel need to perform their duties.

Radio Maintenance Inc. (RMI) provides a full assortment of solutions to outfit your vehicle for duty. Whether a full Fire Apparatus, Police Vehicle, EMS Vehicle, Public Works vehicle, or department personnel vehicle, RMI has the complete solutions for each. Our solutions include vehicle lighting such as lightbars, strobes, sirens, PA systems, mounting consoles, gun rack, and vehicle partitions, as well as custom installation mounting solutions.

RMI is your expert in voice recording solutions providing the public safety industry the security, convenience, and peace of mind that their voice communications are tracked and re-playable should the need arise. RMI is bringing the future of voice recording to your PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone wherever you have data connectivity.

RMI is your expert in wireless broadband solutions providing public safety agencies the security, convenience, and peace of mind that their wireless broadband solutions provide years of continuous use. From wireless links between two or more remote buildings to remote cellular link capabilities and microwave links to tower sites, RMI has the right wireless broadband solution for you.