Communications Needs Change Quickly

How do you stay ahead and make sure your organization has the voice and data communications tools you need? The KENWOOD Solution Developers (KSD) program was created to assure that your communications system stays flexible and efficient.

Leading application developers have been selected for innovative and unique solutions that integrate seamlessly with KENWOOD NEXEDGE® digital and other KENWOOD two-way radio products. Many of these solutions have been developed in close collaboration with KENWOOD engineering, research and development teams. Be assured that an application from a KENWOOD Solution Developer exemplifies pioneering technology that will work with the quality KENWOOD digital and analog two-way radios you already trust.

KENWOOD Solution Developers’ advanced applications will boost productivity and profits and assure the highest levels of safety and security for your staff and customers. Whether you need messaging, tracking, mobile device integration or other voice and data solutions, you can be confident that an authorized KENWOOD Solutions Developer will rise to the challenge, ensuring that the voice and data communications you rely upon from KENWOOD will remain constant today and tomorrow.

A New Generation of Radio Fleet Management

Quickly and easily maintain your fleet of radios and update your radio software with Armada, the industry’s first fleet management and programming software with the most intuitive user interface.

Armada introduces the concept of templates to fleet management. Each user group is able to develop a single profile for its specific agency and designate it as a template. The template is linked to the selected agency’s radio profiles and then as necessary, Armada will download this information into the Viking radio. Programming changes to agency radios only requires an update of the template instead of updating each radio profile. You can also copy and paste an existing template to create new radio profiles for additional agencies.

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Managing your assets is of the utmost importance; KENWOOD Solution Developers provide numerous options for mobile positioning and the ability to easily and accurately pinpoint the location of a mobile caller or vehicle in transit.

These location-based services are used for emergency purposes as well as enhanced business application such as location-sensitive billing, traffic updates, fleet management and asset & people tracking.

KENWOOD Solution Developers offer a wide array of Dispatch and Console solutions; from low to high tier and non-mission-critical to mission-critical solutions.

From Intelligent UI's, advanced tools and Network Health Monitors to simple desktop consoles, the KENWOOD Solution Developer program ensures you will find the perfect solution for your organization's needs, ensuring the highest levels of interoperability, scalability and usability.

Software designed specifically to log, and in some instances control, everything that may happen over a private radio network. KENWOOD Solution Developers offer completely customizable Event Logging applications to log information such as PTT, status updates, auto transmitting, emergency signals to more advanced logging capabilities such as the engine data of a vehicle (including speed, location, direction, operational duration, temperature, fuel consumption, RPM and odometer) and operator logs to track hours worked and productivity.

Dedicated Voice Recording solutions can be used in mission-critical or non-mission-critical scenarios to log individual or group voice traffic in a NEXEDGE® trunked radio system. Recorded voice can be played back and/or stored on different media such as hard drives or CD-ROM/DVD.

Designed for Analog or P25 Simplex Fireground Operations

Enhances communication awareness in a dynamic fire scene environment, allowing firefighters to focus on the mission at hand.

  • Establish Commander & Responder Roles
  • Set & Forget (single button lock function)
  • Out of Range Indication
  • Evacuation Alert
  • P25 Auto Switch (extends communication range when operating in analog mode)
  • Visual & Audible Communication Signal Strength Indicators

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KENWOOD Solution Developers offer the ability to connect a network to other radio systems, VOIP, Satellite or Cellular technologies.

For example, not all individuals within an organization would be required to carry a radio; however, in many situations it would be ideal that executives are able to remotely monitor the health and status of a radio network and daily operations. This is made possible by connecting your smartphone to a radio network.

Other solutions include access to telephone systems, such as PABX, PSTN, or cross system connections into a different radio technology altogether.

Messaging Solutions
There are a number of Messaging Solutions available through select KENWOOD Solution Developers that would allow features such as sending email to radio, text message to radio, etc.

There are a number of Messaging Solutions available through select KENWOOD Solution Developers that would allow features such as sending email to radio, text message to radio, etc.

7000 IP Based Dispatch Console

Flexible, interoperable, and intuitive console solution with state-of-the-art audio, offering full-featured dispatch capability for multiple systems.

The StarGate 7000 Dispatch Console is EFJohnson’s next-generation console. It provides interoperability through direct IP connection to P25 trunked, conventional, analog, and Multi-Net® systems and connection to other disparate systems through control stations.

IP based, fully distributed with no requirement for central control equipment allowing extensive scalability and expansion and no single point of failure.

  • Built-in end-to-end encryption support (standard DESOFB and AES)

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A Clearer Path to Noise Reduction

To clearly hear the words being transmitted is expected, but to be able to hear the tone of the voice and recognize distress immediately is a true advantage. TrueVoice software-based noise cancellation works in analog or digital mode, eliminates the need for programming noise profiles, and works with any accessory.

Because it is software-based, TrueVoice noise cancellation is standard in both KENWOOD Viking portable and mobile radios.

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Take Control of Your Radio Software

Before today, every time you purchased a P25 land mobile radio you paid for the hardware plus all the software options. In some cases, the software options alone exceed 70% of the radio price. This buying model is outdated, and we think it’s time the LMR market catches up to the rest of the consumer market. That’s why we introduced the industry’s first subscriber radio perpetual software license program, which transforms the way you purchase your radios and adds greater value by extending the life of the software into your next hardware platform - you own the software option forever. And your licenses are easy to manage with Vault™, our cloud-based asset management tool.

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