RMI provides maintenance for many different types of communication equipment from portable radios to microwave link equipment within a small operation or a full County Wide Public Safety Digital radio system. RMI can provide a maintenance contract to help you budget for your maintenance needs rather than having a surprise maintenance issue come up that was not in the budget. Our maintenance contracts range from basic first in first out Mon-Fri 8am-5pm coverage to full 24/7 365 days Emergency Response contracts.  Our fully trained and authorized service technicians will troubleshoot and complete the job in a timely manner to get your communications back up and running as quickly as possible. When available, RMI provides loaner equipment to help you stay in communication while a piece of equipment is being repaired.

Providing wireless communications through two-way radios, WiFi, smartphone applications, video (CCTV) and paging systems, RMI will utilize the technologies available today to bring you the future of communications now!

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