Since 1967, Vicon has been a leading provider of mission-critical security surveillance systems. Today they are focused on providing solutions that have been engineered not just for performance and features, but for simplicity in deployment, operation, and maintenance. Vicon’s goal is to serve as a valued security technology partner to their customers by reducing security solution complexity, ensuring a superior experience.

Vicon’s expertise is the result of more than 50 years of customer experience and is delivered through a variety of industry experts who can precisely determine an organization’s security needs. Vicon's complete and integrated product strategy means having innovative products at every layer of the security solutions stack—and within each layer—engineering them to work together seamlessly.

With a renewed dedication to service and an exceptional new generation of security software and cameras, Vicon is making the job of security professionals simpler and less stressful in every way they can. Vicon’s solutions are engineered not just for performance and features, but for simplicity in deployment, operation, and maintenance.

Valerus, their new open-platform video management solution, delivers enterprise scale performance, and yet a typical system can be configured in just 5 minutes. VAX, our unique access control system, is equally impressive. Free integration between Valerus and VAX creates a powerful, comprehensive security solution that correlates video with access control events.

Vicon products are installed worldwide, in Fortune 500 companies, private and public institutions, across all industries. Our extensive product line, with new H.265 cameras and all network hardware needed for an end-to-end solution, provides a convenient, single source for all sales and support issues.

Vicon...Simple Solutions for a Complex World



Versatile Cameras for Any Application

Vicon offers one of the widest ranges of cameras on the market, ensuring you get the right camera for your application.

All Roughneck cameras boast a range of distinctive features, including smart IR, durable IP67/IK10 construction, and smart H.265 encoding to reduce bandwidth and storage costs. For more cutting-edge capabilities, the Pro series adds advanced AI-driven analytics, adaptive IR for clearer images in darkness, and Starlight low-light color imaging in the 2, 5, and 8MP dome and bullets.

Discover the variety of IP network security cameras Vicon provides to enable high-resolution video surveillance for indoor, outdoor, and specialized use.

  • Roughneck Pro
  • Roughneck
  • PTZ Cameras
  • Thermal Cameras
  • Multi-Sensor Cameras
  • Specialty Cameras

Download the Vicon Camera Guide

Video Management System

Video Management System

Pulling it all together and helping you manage it—from a single user interface—is where Valerus VMS comes in. Valerus provides all the features users count on to make their jobs easier and more intuitive. Its sophisticated—yet simple and flexible interface—helps you monitor video, audio, alarms, access control, license plate recognition (LPR), and system health, in real-time. Plus, it exponentially reduces the time you spend on post-incident investigations and allows you to deploy and maintain your surveillance infrastructure with ease. Valerus software runs on a variety of platforms—from a small independent Workstation to a Vicon Application Server, to a large-scale virtual machine—to meet any customer application.

Key Features and Functions

  • Interactive Maps
  • Free Mobile App
  • Precision Search Tools
  • Protect Your Data
  • Platform Centralization
  • Customized User Interface
  • Sophisticated Alarm Management Tools
  • Intuitive Dashboards
  • Auto Discovery and Configuration Tools

Download the Valerus VMS Brochure

Valerus Hardware

Shadow Servers

If you prefer your Valerus solution pre-loaded onto a server, Vicon offers their powerful VMS functionality in a variety of server offerings that scale in performance to best match your requirements.

Shadow Elite Servers

Vicon’s top-of-the-line servers for enterprise installations. Built with Dell and Intel technology for unparalleled performance, support, and reliability.

Network Hardware Accessories

High-performance system components to enhance the functionality of your installation and ensure your system runs smoothly.

Network Switches

  • PS-24P-380: A Powerful 24-Port PoE+ Switch
  • PS-10PP Series: Powerful PoE++ Switches



Widescreen LED Monitors

  • Widescreen LED monitor

Fiber-Optic Media Converters

  • Fiber-optic media converters FMC-TRM series
  • Fiber-optic media converters FMC-TRRM series
  • Fiber-optic media converters FMC-RK rack-mount card cage

External Alarm Inputs and Outputs

  • ADAM 6050

Access Control

Access Control

The foundation of any comprehensive security solution that delivers a highly secured environment begins with controlling access.

Vicon’s powerful VAX Access Control solution, designed for ease-of-use and flexibility, combines intuitive user interface software with versatile hardware, delivering absolute control and real-time views from any web-browser device. The VAX system was designed for complete integration with Valerus video management software, allowing for the automatic linking of Valerus video with corresponding access control events and ensures the ultimate in ease-of-use and flexibility.

Key Features and Functions

  • Centralize Video and Access Control
  • Thin-Client, Browser-Based Software
  • Flexible Hardware Options
  • Scales with Your Business
  • Built-in Motion Detection
  • Flexible Mounting Options

Download the VAX Access Control Brochure