Broaden Your Console Environment

There’s a lot riding on your dispatch system. That’s why Zetron designed MAX Dispatch to be one of the most effective tools available for managing a range of operations - from routine to mission-critical. It links those who need services with those who provide them. It connects the control center with staff in the field and field staff with each other. It coordinates operations that span departments, agencies, or geographic regions. And it gets your critical messages through, even when other communication modes can’t

MAX Console

What Is MAX Dispatch?

Zetron’s IP-based MAX Dispatch integrates a full range of tools and resources into a single console system and presents them to the dispatcher through a streamlined graphical user interface (GUI). This gives your dispatchers instant access to the information they need from a single, centralized point. MAX Dispatch can be set up to display information pertinent to an incident only when it’s needed. Its IP functionality not only eliminates the need for costly leased lines, but supports mobile, remote, and geographically diverse operations.

How MAX Dispatch Works

Three basic components—the MAX Console with Media Dock, the MAX Gateway, and MAX Central—form the building blocks of each MAX Dispatch system. The size and capabilities of your system will determine how many of each of the three basic components your system will require. The flexibility and simplicity of the MAX Dispatch architecture allows you to easily scale your system up or down to accommodate changes in your organization.

  1. MAX Console with Media Dock
    The MAX Console with Media Dock is the point through which the dispatcher interacts with the MAX Dispatch system.
  2. MAX Radio Gateway
    The MAX Gateways serve as the interface point between a radio, base station or radio system and the rest of the MAX Dispatch system. These allow MAX to be ready for whatever the market demands.
  3. MAX Central
    MAX Central hosts and serves as the control point for a variety of centralized system functions, such as voice-logging services and administrative telephone lines.

Why MAX Dispatch?

A streamlined UI that improves response times and efficiency. The clean design of the MAX Dispatch user interface (UI) reduces screen clutter, operational steps, and response times. It gives dispatchers instant access to information pertinent to the task at hand. And it’s easy for dispatchers to grasp—trainers report that it takes about 30 minutes to learn. This reduces training time and costs. Plus, MAX Dispatch is highly configurable, allowing you to create screen layouts that meet the unique needs of your dispatch center.

Redundancy you can rely on. Because MAX Dispatch supports network redundancy for every end point, it can tolerate any single point of failure in the IP network with no loss of service. This keeps your vital operations up and running, even if a fault condition occurs.

Low-cost expansion, upgrades, and maintenance. MAX Dispatch is built to not only support your current operations, but to adapt as your operations change over time. You can easily add channels and consoles to MAX Dispatch. The system hardware and software architecture also provides an easy upgrade path that keeps your technology current without the need for a large-scale system overhaul. Plus, it can be configured and maintained remotely. This keeps your costs low and ensures that changes and updates can be made quickly.

High interoperability. Its compatibility with all major radio interfaces and major radio manufacturers’ equipment makes MAX Dispatch one of the most interoperable systems available. This is critically important when you have to manage events across departments or jurisdictions.

Resource sharing and backup across geo-diverse locations. MAX Dispatch can be used with the MAX Geo-diverse Portal to link and share resources across geographically distributed locations. This maximizes the efficient use of resources, reduces costs, and allows systems at different sites to back each other up—with just the click of a mouse.

Dispatch from anywhere. Because MAX Dispatch can be operated over a laptop or tablet, it gives you the flexibility to deploy remote, temporary, backup, or mobile operations quickly and securely. And delivers all of the features, functionality, and interoperability available in the control room.

MAX Dispatch is future ready. Its design is well suited for anywhere the market moves.

Download the MAX Dispatch Brochure